"Sidekicks" Web Series Early Access

If you're part of the First 100, one of Vigilante Productions' most stringent supporters, you're very soon to receive a link inviting you to an early access page of "Sidekicks," a new comedy web series from creators Manda Whitney and Errol Elumir.

Vigilante was extremely honoured to work with them on this project and we hope you love it. If you aren't part of the First 100 yet, go buy a shirt!

Go buy a First 100 shirt to support your local vigilantes so we can keep bringing you awesome projects!

Go buy a First 100 shirt to support your local vigilantes so we can keep bringing you awesome projects!


Dave is Possessed, Our Award winning short film, has made it in to another festival! The Lost Episode Festival Toronto (LEFT) will be showing our film on Saturday Aug 6th at 11:00pm.

The Festival is being held at Carlton Cinema, 20 carlton st. Toronto. the festival starts at 7pm on Saturday and our lovely little short film will be showing before a Spanish film "Vampyres" 

Kelly and Clayton will be there to introduce the film.

We want to thank you all for your continued support and we can't wait to show you what we have been working on in our top secret Bat Cave. Lot's of stuff coming soon!

Stay vigilant.

Now an award winning film!

If you haven't seen our film "Dave Is Possessed" yet. check it out here! It just won FIRST PLACE for Micro Horror-Comedy at Cleveland, Ohio's International Horror Hotel Film Festival. Check our their website and Facebook for festival details.

Now is also a great time to grab one of our First 100 shirts! People who own this limited edition shirt will have early access to our future content as well as special bonus features and discounts! For starters, they're receiving a behind the scenes look at the filming of our AWARD WINNING "Dave is Possessed."

Cowboy Vs Samurai

Here at Vigilante we don't just want to make fun movies and have fun making movies, our end goal is to create a place where we inspire artists and reach out and promote and help spread the word of aspiring artists. 

I am happy to say that one of our very own Vigilante team members is currently tearing it up in live theatre. None other than Miquelon Rodriguez, Star of Gnome and Co-Star of Dave is Possessed is doing some fine theatre work in the stage play Cowboy Vs Samurai, a modern day take on Cyrano de Bergerac with a heavy theme of love, race and sexual dynamics in the midwest.

I highly recommend going to check it out. it's running for another week or so. so make sure to grab some tickets asap and see our incredibly talented Mickey do some amazing live theatre. 

A new short film to get you in the holiday spirit

It's Halloween, one of our favourite times of year here at Vigilante, and we thought we'd help you all get in the right frame of mind with a new short film we created.

Head over to our Gallery and hit play to watch "Dave is Possessed" and then stroll over to our Facebook page to tell us what you thought.

We'd also like to extend a special, spooktacular thank you to all those who've purchased a First 100 shirt, providing them with early access to our content and discounts on merchandise (#humancoupon). If you still want one, quantities are limited (to 100), and you can go here to buy your shirt.

Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe and have some ghoulish fun,

Clayton "The First Curse" Masales
Kelly "Dark Drinker" McLaughlin