Dungeon Dudes

Have you discovered Dungeon Dudes yet?

Kelly and Clayton have been working hard on a brand new web series dedicated to discussing Dungeons & Dragons, the beloved tabletop game.

Hosts Kelly McLaughlin and Monty Martin take you on an informational and entertaining quest through the adventurous worlds found during the campaigns. They talk about the books, the accessories, and then dive into the theories and best practices for playing.

If you haven't subscribed yet, click the photo above to visit our YouTube Channel and give it a look. If you've thought about playing, are just getting started, or have been playing for years, there is something here for you.

Dungeon Dudes

Hey Vigilantes, It's been a while!

We here at Vigilante Productions have been working hard on a bunch of new content. We are also big fans of Dungeons and dragons. We got together and made a new web series about it! If you are new to D&D or an experienced player, we hope to provide tips, tricks, explanations, in depth looks at books and modules as well as accessories and anything else we can come up with!

Please check us out, give us your feedback and subscribe to the show and we hope you enjoy all that the Dungeon Dudes have in store for you. New episodes will be released every week (as often as we can based on schedules) and we are preparing a slew of content for you guys!

Thanks again!

Kelly & Clayton Strike Back

Hello fellow vigilantes! We here at Vigilante Productions may have seemed like we vanished for the last while. Yes we were in fact basking in the glory of our successes and sipping home made martinis by a kiddie pool we bought on sale. Now we are ready to get back in action!

We have started pre-production on a number of upcoming projects and are working our butts off to bring more content, as soon as we can. 

Stay tuned, big things coming in the near future.

"Sidekicks" Web Series Early Access

If you're part of the First 100, one of Vigilante Productions' most stringent supporters, you're very soon to receive a link inviting you to an early access page of "Sidekicks," a new comedy web series from creators Manda Whitney and Errol Elumir.

Vigilante was extremely honoured to work with them on this project and we hope you love it. If you aren't part of the First 100 yet, go buy a shirt!

Go buy a First 100 shirt to support your local vigilantes so we can keep bringing you awesome projects!

Go buy a First 100 shirt to support your local vigilantes so we can keep bringing you awesome projects!


Dave is Possessed, Our Award winning short film, has made it in to another festival! The Lost Episode Festival Toronto (LEFT) will be showing our film on Saturday Aug 6th at 11:00pm.

The Festival is being held at Carlton Cinema, 20 carlton st. Toronto. the festival starts at 7pm on Saturday and our lovely little short film will be showing before a Spanish film "Vampyres" 

Kelly and Clayton will be there to introduce the film.

We want to thank you all for your continued support and we can't wait to show you what we have been working on in our top secret Bat Cave. Lot's of stuff coming soon!

Stay vigilant.