Valentine's and Horror, Together At Last!

Hope you all had a happy Valentines Day.

Whether that was with a significant other or a significant bottle of Jack or whatever else people do on Valentines day. More importantly, I hope you all had a great Friday the 13th, which is a far better holiday in my opinion. I figured I would take this opportunity to talk about one of the best genres in film, the horror movie. Now we here at Vigilante love two things, superhero movies and horror movies. We actually do love lots of other things but lets just ignore all that for now. So with Friday the 13th having just passed I gotta ask what all your favourite horror movies are? if you had to pick one or two horror movies to watch forever for the rest of your life what would they be?

Lets spend some time talking about non vigilante things. First of all, "The Shining" is my favorite horror movie, especially due to the directing style and set design. If you want to know more about that there is a great documentary about the set design in the film and how it amplifies the confusion and insanity of the main character. I strive to one day be as amazing as Mr. Kubrick is at such things.

Another favorite of mine growing up was "Poltergeist". If you have never seen the original, I highly recommend it, it's a classic and it literally is responsible for 75% of my childhood fears; the other 25% being "X Files," but thats a topic for another day. Also if you were not aware they are currently remaking "Poltergeist" and the trailer looks very promising! Check it out here,

Now usually, I am not one to clap at the idea of a remake, but taking a movie who's horror and fears are rooted deep in my core and bringing it in to the modern age in a way that looks like it not only stays true to the source material but adds to it with modern special effects and all that just means this movie could be worth the remake.

Lastly, in the topic of all things horror, I would also like to take a moment to discuss a TV show you all may have heard of called "Constantine." This show is apparently in the crosshairs for being terminated after one season. The problem here is that it is one of my favorite shows on television. I could get in to a whole debate with people about how "Gotham" is popcorn 2 dimensional garbage TV with characters I hate yet enough Batman references to keep me coming back each week, but why this show is getting so highly regarded while "Constantine," which I vote is a better written, better acted show with more character depth and interesting plot that brings me back each week, is up for possibly being cancelled is beyond me. 

If you have not checked out "Constantine" yet I highly recommend it.

Now, as far as business is concerned, we are finishing up the script as we speak for "Dave is Possessed" and are ready to start making beautiful movies. I can't express how excited I am to be back in Production. I am even more excited of what comes after this but I’m keeping that secret until further notice.

That's all for now party people. Stay classy and stay vigilant.