Mad Props Bro

“Dave is Possessed” is in full swing for Production and the Vigilante Team couldn’t be more excited. Now, you might be wondering “Clayton, what’s your role in all of this?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

I’m the Producer. Essentially, my role is to help the rest of the team achieve their dreams. Kelly, as Director, has a specific goal for how he’d like this movie to play out and Dave, the Cinematographer, he has a way he wants it to look. Luckily the two are quite close so all I have to do is get them the resources to make it happen.

This includes Actors, Locations, Equipment, some various other essentials, and one of my favourites; props.

I can’t get into details as to what we need for the film as it would give away the plot but it’s quite a fun little box I have together right now. Evil looking books, an air compressor, party supplies, even birthday hats!

But it’s not done yet and guess what, I need your help!!!

I am in need of a Designer who can create a Document and a Website for us. Might take a couple hours and you’ll get an Art Department credit at the end of the film. Again, I can’t say what yet but it is a very simple job and anyone who is interested can contact me at

Also, any Actors still without anything to do March 28/29 and would like to be part of “Dave is Possessed” can send us a Vine Audition to @Heroes_For_Hire. You have six seconds and I can't wait to see what you do with them.


A call to action, Vigilante Style.

A call to action, Vigilante Style.