Work it like your city depends on it. And some work things.

This week at Vigilante we have laid down some dates to shoot our short film. 

End of March we will be in production. In the meantime, we are polishing off the script and making sure all the parts are in place to make this the best Vigilante film yet. Our hopes are set for Festivals.

In other news, Clay and I have started the process of becoming the Vigilantes we always wanted to be in both body, mind and soul. We have recently gotten back in to eating healthy and getting in shape. A great website to check out if you want to see how a real superhero does it right here - Here you can find great articles and recipes to help you get in shape as well as numerous Themed Visual Workouts, like the one picture.

It's kind of our motto here at vigilante to better ourselves and in turn help others better themselves. If you don't know our goals yet, we are trying to impact and eventually change the Canadian film market to something fun, exciting, and a great place for young aspiring film makers to get their creative juices going. This country is full of talent; untapped talent which just needs to be given the chance to show the world what it can do. So here we are, trying to start something new, trying to build a community of talent and have fun with it. 

So coming up, we have "Dave is Possessed" followed by our big push to hopefully have a feature film in production. You will be hearing much more about that soon.

I'm getting excited and you should be excited too. Great things are coming and we are so excited to share them all with you. Stay tuned.