Visual film making and how to make better movies.

I would like to talk today about one of my favorite directors and some things I have picked up about film making in general. 

Recently I watched Birdman. Now Birman was a great film although I have several arguments against it winning best picture. One thing however that I fully agree it should have won is cinematography. Now to me this reminded me of something. I have been going over and over my scripts lately making sure that the story is fun, that the action is cool, that it all comes together at the end and that people will enjoy it. One thing I have not been thinking of is how to shoot it and make it visually interesting. 

See the problem with lots of movies today is they forget that we are dealing with an art form that relies heavily on visuals. seeing an actor on a screen saying stuff can be all well and good. However, sometimes it’s much more appealing to offer much more in the ways of visual film making. 

I have recently started going back over my scripts as we prepare to go in to filming. I am working on the storyboards and realizing I cant just throw some people in to frame and have them do stuff. I need to think about how to make it cool. Make it so people watching it are experiencing something, even if they dont know it.

I recently found a video posted online that I watch almost one a week to get it in my head about how cool film making can be. It takes about Edgar Wright and his films Vs. those of modern american comedy. The truth is that Edgar Wright is one of the only film makers in hollywood still using the camera to tell jokes and it works wonders for his films.

It’s because of this video that I am reassessing my scripts and looking at them much more visually. It’s not enough to have a rough idea on how to get my story on to a camera. More so, how can I include the camera in how I tell my stories.

Another one of my favorite recent examples is the church scene in the Kingsman. If you have not seen the Kingsman, you should go check it out. It was much better than  I expected and has some really fun film making in it.

Thats all for now. On to the storyboards. We will have more for you soon!