Bound to a bed, cameras rolling.

So it's been a long couple weeks. Pre-production moved in to production and as of today we are wrapping shooting for good and sending the finished product off to our Post guys to make everything look and sound crazy!

Filming this short was an experience like no other. We all learned lots in the process and we are all pretty excited to show you what we came up with. I also learned the hard way that being a writer, director and actor is not maybe my favourite thing. Although I Love all three of those things, being in front of the camera really takes away from what I can do behind it. Also I don't know how comfortable I was being tied to a bed while Clayton stood at the end of it reading actual latin scripture holding a bible and a cross. Not to mention filming a sex scene with your camera mans girlfriend.

We ended up with a few re-shoots needed and those are all being finished up. the thing that will take the most time is the special effects. Despite some amazing makeup from Noelle we still have to do a little more work to make me look completely inhumanly terrifying. It's not that big of a stretch but it still might take a bit. 

So if you were wondering where the party has been the last couple weeks it's been a little tied up, to a bed, or a chair, or various other things, being fed cupcakes and a crucifix. breaking controllers, tackling makeup artists, playing monopoly and all sorts of other fun things.

what the hell am I talking about? I guess you'll just have to wait and see.