Hey Vigilantes!

It’s been a while. A Lot has happened while we have been gone. We didn't forget you, We just wanted to make sure we were well on our way to the next batch of awesome stuff!

Dave is Possessed is finished! If you want to See it BEFORE it’s official release make sure you are signed up for our “The First 100” Campaign. SHIRTS ARE PRINTING NOW! the shirt works as a coupon of sorts. Any member of the first 100 Gets access to pre-screenings of our stuff, discounts on future stuff and a cool limited edition shirt putting your footprint in the foundation of our company! So make sure to pick one up while supplies last! 

So we have a short film on the way, We also shot a commercial that is currently airing on elevator screens everywhere! and by everywhere we mean in Mississauga. 

We have a web series nearing completion and are working on a Pitch package for a new web series! STAY TUNED! LOTS TO COME SOON!