Things are happening and we need you!

Good evening friends,

  It's been a busy time with Vigilante and we're working hard to bring you new content. We're in Post Production on a WebSeries and have recently finished "Dave is Possessed," a short film we can't wait for you to see.

  The film will be officially released on Halloween but, if you'd like to support your local vigilante's and see it early, we've got news for you.

  We've mentioned printing shirts before and have been happy with the response we got from people who signed up for one. Well, the time has come and the printing process is well under way. This Friday our page will update with a store which you can visit to purchase a $25+tax Tee Shirt, we have varied sizes available. The proceeds go to helping our very small production company cover our start up costs and towards creating more films and projects for you. But it has benefits besides our eternal thanks.

  The shirt, through the magic of technology, will transform you or anyone who wears it into a #HumanCoupon. This gets you early access to our projects (like "Dave is Possessed") and discounts off of future merchandise sold here on our site.

  So come back Friday and we'll let you know how you can get one of these amazing shirts.