Obstacle Courses are the New Video Game

Anyone who knows me, this is Clayton, knows that last year I got addicted to Obstacle Courses. I ran the Grapes of Wrath 5K for Breast Cancer, Mud Hero, and the BadAss Dash (hardest one). It took me a while before I fully realized why they struck such a chord with me, beyond me being able to showcase my awesomeness, it's like a Video Game. It's a couple hours long, great to do with friends, has a goal, and you have to overcome obstacles to get to the goal. Who hasn't sat playing a video game and wished sometimes they could be in it? Adventuring around, jumping on cars, scaling walls, and helping people while you do it? That's essentially an obstacle course.

For Grapes of Wrath, my mother was the one who approached me to run it with a group from her work. Was really fun and we strapped GoPros to ourselves; me to my front, her to her back. We also had my Aunt taking photographs. I've mixed it all together and posted it into our Gallery.

Enjoy and if you feel like running one this year just shoot me an email to clayton@vigilanteproductions.ca and we'll get a team started.