You've GOT to See John Wick

What feels like ages ago now I saw a trailer for John Wick and thought "wow, what a solid feeling film." Tons of action, some great one liners, I knew I would be in for a treat. It came out On Demand and that night my wife and I sat down to what would end up being one of the best films we've seen in a while.

From beginning to end, John Wick is filled with great action sequences, an amazing cast (seriously, the list is a director's dream), dialogue that sticks with you, and even a storyline that keeps you sucked in until the last second. One of the aspects I loved the most, as featured in the trailer, is how everyone keeps asking John, a retired hit man, if he's "back to work."

To many, after the Matrix, Keanu Reeves dropped off a little. To be fair, it's hard to maintain Neo-status. He has had some amazing movies since then (Day the Earth Stood Still, Lake House, Constantine, 47 Ronin) but I'm not sure if any have really hit this hard. So I find working this into the script to be delightful, almost like the writer asking Keanu repeatedly, on behalf of the audience, if he's "back to work."

While being one of the most amazing films I've seen in a while it is, sadly, under viewed. Nowhere close to enough people have seen John Wick and I need you all to work on this. The true crime is that it never made it close to any substantial awards.

Another project which, undoubtedly, many more people have seen is Tosh.0. A hilarious commentary by Comedian Daniel Tosh on all things web-related. Personally, I've been watching since it began and it's never let me down. While catching up on the last couple episodes, I got to watch Daniel as he interrogated celebrities for their involvement in "true" stories as portrayed in movies which we're being featured in the Oscars.

Watch the video below and pay close attention to the ending. Tosh, I've seen a lot of funny stuff out of you but I've never agreed more.