You've decided to buy a shirt from Vigilante and help support us in our endeavour to create new entertainment. Thanks! There may be a question or two you have about the process, hopefully you find the answers below.

Q:  How much is a shirt?
A:  A shirt is $25+tax and, besides the tax, goes to cover our startup and operations costs as well as pool funding towards creating more content for you to enjoy.

Q:  How do I get my shirt?
A:  In order to make sure the shirts didn't cost too much or that too much of the funding was going to things besides what it was meant for, we have opted to hand deliver the shirts (either through Clayton and Kelly or people we trust). This means it could take a month or more to get your shirt. We're not thrilled about that either but your patience is appreciated. To cover costs each shirt had to be $25, we didn't want to charge $5 or more for shipping. Thank you for your understanding.

Q:  How are the shirts made?
A:  Good question. The Octavia Project, our good friend Katie Walsh, silk screens each shirt by hand. This makes each printing it's own little, unique work of art. She does a lot of other great artwork which can be viewed on her site.

Q:  Where does the money go?
A:  In order to become Vigilante, besides the years of training on an island/cave/secret society, we had to buy a business license, buy a domain, host a website, all sorts of things that happen when you start a company. Plus, for the projects we have completed, we have incurred costs. These shirts are our way of getting up and running in this game, get on our feet and make a break for success. Thank you for your help.

Q:  What do I get when I buy a shirt?
A:  Being part of the First 100, our most loyal supporters, means you'll get early access to our projects and discounts off of future merchandise we sell on the site. We do hope to one day print more shirts, sell DVDs, and you'll be first in line to see/get/buy whatever you want. #humancoupon

Q:  What if I live outside of Ontario?
A:  The site, right now, only allows for Ontario purchases, if you live outside of Ontario, contact Clayton or Kelly and we'll work something out. We will have to make arrangements for shipping, costs of shipping, and how to take your payment.

Q:  "My size isn't available?"
A:  Don't fret. We've only printed 50 shirts so far of varied style and size. If the size you want is no longer available, contact Clayton or Kelly and we'll put you on the list for the next batch. You'll get a custom shirt, sized just for you.